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  1. SM900 - Case

    BASF SM900 Studio Master 1/2" 1ml 3600' Audio Tape - Box of 6 10.5" Reels


    This was a special order for a client who was looking for a better deal on audio tape, then after BASF manufactured 2000 reels they decided not to purchase them. Listed on the outside of the product as LPR35 Logging tape, but was manufactured with the SM900 on a 1ml backing. SM900 is normally put on a 1.5ml backing Great for longer records as it's 3600' of tape. You can hit it at +6 all day and not worry about print through. Price of $59.99 is price for each reel, SOLD IN MASTER CARTON QUANTITIES OF [6] REELS PER MASTER CARTON. Learn More